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10 Ways to Improve Usability When You Thought it Was Too Late

You’ve spent months working on your project and delivered it to the client. Initial feedback was positive, but they’ve spent a few days with it now and have asked if there is anything you can do to ‘make it more user friendly’. Ouch. It’s a bit late in the day to start any major restructuring. [...]

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Forgive your users; even when they are drunk!

Forgiveness is an important feature of good design. You should help your users by minimising the impact of mistakes or, ideally, prevent them from happening at all.
One way you can make your interfaces more forgiving is by employing a ‘forcing function’ (aka confirmation). This technique makes the user verify that what they requested is [...]

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iPod headphone disconnect automatic pause

Edit:Many people seem to be ending up on this page when searching for a solution to their iPod pausing randomly. I’ve put some of the common solutions to this problem in the comments below. Hope this helps!
I love my iPod. I’ve owned 3 different ones (5 if you count my 1st and 2nd generation iPhones!). [...]

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