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Link: Train Toilet Usability

Dan Sumption in his comment on my post Why We Test included a link to a post he wrote back in 2002 about train toilet usability. I’ve been wanting to write a post about the insanity of these “automated toilet experiences” for a while, but haven’t been on a train in order to relive the [...]

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How to write an alert box

Alert boxes are a user interface element that pops up to alert the user of some critical piece of information. This post explains how to write them.
Lets start off by getting something out of the way. Don’t use alert boxes. They are jarring, often steal focus, interrupt the flow of what a user is doing [...]

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Reducing Damage Through Usability

I spent my weekend installing a new central heating system. When I unpacked one of the radiators (the largest one at 1.2m x 0.5m ) it was damaged. Most of the radiators had the odd dent in the grills but could easily bent back in to shape. This one however had been in the wars [...]

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Call to Action vs Mental Models

After reading John Gruber’s post An Ode to DiskWarrior, SuperDuper, and Dropbox over at Daring Fireball, I decided to give Dropbox a go.
So I went over to their site for a look:

Nice and clean looking. I watched the video and was sold – sign me up! But, this is where the trouble started. The service [...]

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7 Ways to Annoy Your Users

Your users will probably mess things up. Some are just down right stupid. Don’t trust anything they say, it is probably a mistake. The best way to deal with this sort problem is to ask them lots of questions, even when it’s obvious they meant to do what they just did. Are you sure you [...]

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Hollywood Studios Encourage Piracy

Don’t steal this car!
Imagine you’ve just bought yourself a new car, let’s say it’s a Volkswagen. You’re excited; you’ve been looking forward to this moment since you first saw the advert. You get in, and turn the ignition.
Over the car speakers a stern voice starts speaking:
“Have you stolen this car? Stealing cars is a crime [...]

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