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You can’t have a list of usability links without a including Jakob Nielsen’s website. I think it’s against the law.
Usability Post
Great usability site – similar in many ways to Usability Friction – if you like my site you’ll like this one too!
Inspirational quotes from usability designers
Design Observer
Writings on design and culture
Smashing Magazine
Design magazine site – great source of interesting articles and examples of great design
User Interface Engineering Brainsparks
The blog of User Interface Engineering, a usability research and consultancy firm.
UX Magazine
A User Experience magazine
UX Matters
And another
A list apart
Fantastic site for anyone involved in web design

Other sites I like

Daring Fireball
John Gruber’s blog – always a good source of interesting links and thought provoking articles
Joel on Software
One of the best software development blogs out there
Rands in Repose
Fantastic blog – hard to put it in one box really; from the best articles on management to in depth comparisons of gel pens. No, really.
Managing Software Development
Jurgen Appelo’s software development blog – good source of ideas and thoughts on software management

Are there any sites that you think should be on this list? Let me know – I always like to discover new web sites!

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