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5 Bare Minimum Usability Checks Before Releasing an App

After reading 14 bare minimum security checks before releasing a rails app over at RailsInside, I got thinking and wondered what are the bare minimum usability checks for an app before releasing it? Here’s my list:
Check your copy writing
Nothing is more confusing than unclear/ambiguous labels or messages. I’ve seen this happen in live applications – [...]

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The Invincible QWERTY

My old friend and Usability Friction reader Omar Ikram sent me a link to 3 Ways the iPad Could Kill Qwerty. It’s an interesting read. But I can’t help thinking the author has got the wrong end of the stick. I think whist we are using our fingers to type, QWERTY is here to stay.
The [...]

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Reducing Damage Through Usability

I spent my weekend installing a new central heating system. When I unpacked one of the radiators (the largest one at 1.2m x 0.5m ) it was damaged. Most of the radiators had the odd dent in the grills but could easily bent back in to shape. This one however had been in the wars [...]

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Call to Action vs Mental Models

After reading John Gruber’s post An Ode to DiskWarrior, SuperDuper, and Dropbox over at Daring Fireball, I decided to give Dropbox a go.
So I went over to their site for a look:

Nice and clean looking. I watched the video and was sold – sign me up! But, this is where the trouble started. The service [...]

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Why We Test

The 2 buttons in the above picture are for a toilet flush. One button does a big flush using lots of water; the other does a smaller flush using less. Using a small flush when that’s all that is needed avoids wasting water and that’s a good thing.
As you can see the 2 buttons are [...]

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