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Cognitive Load

In a nutshell, Cognitive Load is the amount of “Brain Power” required to understand something. This could be perception, problem solving or juggling things in memory.
There’s a well known rule that we are only able to process 7 plus or minus 2 pieces of information at a time – it’s the magic number 7. [...]

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Case Study: Empty State

Earlier this week I wrote about Empty State. I wanted to follow this up with a case study on how this might work on an example.
I’m going to base this example around an imaginary website. I’ve called it Fotolio, it’s a portfolio site for photographers to upload their photos. Imaginative names aside, I want to [...]

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How to Write a Good Empty State

What is the empty state?
The Empty State is your software in its initial state before the user has entered any data or set anything up. It’s what your new users are exposed to the first time they use your application. It’s a crucial phase; this is before your users have experienced what your application can [...]

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