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Site News: Links page updated!

It has been a long time coming, but this morning brought about the correct alignment of the planets and I’ve finally got around to writing my links page! It’s not an exhaustive list of all the usability sites out there – just the ones I subscribe to. But, if you think I’m missing out on [...]

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Juggling, Usability and Features

I love watching people who obviously don’t know much about computers. They are wonderfully pragmatic, and will find the simplest path – even if it isn’t the optimal choice. The other day on the train I saw a guy using Notepad to write a report (his hunt & peck typing gave him away too!). Notepad [...]

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Forgive your users; even when they are drunk!

Forgiveness is an important feature of good design. You should help your users by minimising the impact of mistakes or, ideally, prevent them from happening at all.
One way you can make your interfaces more forgiving is by employing a ‘forcing function’ (aka confirmation). This technique makes the user verify that what they requested is [...]

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