It’s taken a while; I’ve had this blog in my head for years now and have never got round to it. I blame work, I blame university, I blame laziness. I did make a start at it once; but then work, university and laziness ganged up and put a stop to it.

This time, I put my hand in my pocket and bought some hosting in the hopes that having a lighter wallet would motivate me into sticking at it. That and the help of Upstart blogger’s 30 day blogging programme.

So, welcome to usabilityfriction.com! This is a blog about the usability of things. Unfortunately, a lot of things are bad to use. Some make grown men cry. On the other hand some are fantastic. I’m going to use this blog to show examples of both and investigate why the bad things are bad and why the good things are good.

You might consider that your job has nothing to do with usability; but, for example, that form you just created for customers to fill in could be a nightmare to understand if you’ve designed it badly. Usability affects everything that we interact with – products, web sites, processes, software and even down to the cupboard you put your mugs in. So its well worth learning about for almost everything you do. It isn’t hard and doesn’t need to cost anything; most of it is just common sense. But when used well it reduces mistakes, saves time, saves money and makes people happy.

I hope you enjoy this blog, I hope it will make you think. If you agree with what I write, or better still disagree, please use the comments. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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